Credit score

Any ideas for raising their credit score?

Does anyone have any ideas for raising their credit score? Maybe it’s childish but I’m doing my best to raise my score while paying off debts. My ex always blamed our financial problems on me even though he shared the responsibility. He always wanted to buy things then worry about how to pay the bills and buy groceries. Most of my problem was that I didn’t want to upset things and would give in and do things his way.

In the 20 months I’ve worked on paying my bills on time, something that I’ve never been good at. I still have trouble with that but use the schedule function on my cell phone to remind mea week before the bill is due. The ex’s score is somewhere in the low 300s and since we separated I’ve raised my from that level to around 600. Childish yes, but i love knowing that my score is getting better and his stinks.

One thing my improved score let me do was to get a secured credit card with a $200 limit. I’ve been using the card only for things I’d normally buy like groceries and gas then pay it off in full every month. I know a lot of people say ccs are dangerous. Any tool is dangerous if you don’t pay attention to how you use it. (I also like rubbing it into my ex that I’ve got a card and he doesn’t).

Oh, and the kids are learning that their father (who makes near $10k more than me) is struggling just to survive paycheck to paycheck while I’ve got a slowly growing savings account. I can’t always buy them stuff but I CAN show them how much money I’ve got and when I should be able to afford things. Budgets are great tools no matter how dumb the ex says they are. Who’s getting their finances in shape and who’s on the brink of disaster?

It sounds like you are going in the right direction and making wonderful progress. The scoring really looks hard at the number of cards with balances, your income-to-debt ratio, and of course paying within terms—so sounds like you’re doing what you need to do in order to get it improved, just takes time. You’re doing great!

Jack Cafferty is on Wolf Blitzers show every weekday afternoon. He always has questions for the viewers where they can email their responses and some are read online.
I like Jack. He once read one of my responses on his Sat show “In the Money ”

I was too late to reply to todays first question which was :

Should the IRS turn over accounts to private collection agencies?

One reply was from a guy who said he owned a collection agency and he was all for it. Yeah, I bet. I can see the $$$ in his eyes now! LOL!

How would you reply to Jacks question?

I am not in favor of the IRS hiring collection agencies to collect overdue taxes. There are too many of these collectors that have scammed people, including me. Collection Agencies are at the top of the list of complaints to the government and yet they are thinkingf of putting these people in charge of collections? Unbelievable!

The government needs to investigate these crooks and put some of them in jail and make some real laws at what these co’s can and cannot do.. and then enforce these laws.