Credit score, Student loan

Can you get a student loan if you have a really bad credit?

At this point I am up for any suggestions. My credit is messed up (my fault) but I have a credit worthy co-signer. School starts really soon and I am really hopeless cos so far I think we’ve not been approved because of my credit. Is it possible to have just the co-signer borrow for me without credit check on my part? if yes where can I do this? Thank you!

Sure you can get a cosigner, but they will still check your credit too.. unfortunately!

Next year, as soon as you get your taxes done, make sure that you apply for federal student loans (ie Stafford loan). I’m pretty sure that they don’t take into account your credit score! Shame on New Yorks Governor who could have helped so many struggling families who are victims of the dirty tricks CC co’s play . Typical big business politician ! Money talks… especially when it makes big donations!

Well hopefully the probable next governor the current NY Attorney General will do a better job being consumer proactive.