Saving ideas, Spending habits

How to reduce spending

In the past six years since my husband had his first back surgery (the first of four), I’ve found many ways to reduce spending so I can pay bills. One thing my husband and I both did every morning was buy coffee. He bought coffee at the local gas station, at $1.00 a cup, and I went to a coffee shop, usually spending around $3.00. That was $20.00 per week, which ended up being $80.00 per month. The dumb thing is, we had a coffee maker; we could make our own coffee in the morning. So, we invested two Thermos. We buy two cans of coffee a month, which is about $15. The creamer costs about $12, and the sugar, about $3. Ok, now we spend $30 per month as opposed to spending $80 per month. Right now we’re saving $50 a month to put towards bills, which helps keep us out of debt. OK, the coffee’s not Starbucks, but hey, it’s coffee 🙂

That’s a really good savings! I always knew Starbucks, etc. was an expensive treat to do regularly – but it hadn’t occurred to me that just coffee at the convenience stores would add up so much, too. Way to go!

I can relate to reducing the coffee cost. I always had a spending routine of stopping at the “convenience” store in the morning. After buying the super large coffee, a bottle of cola for later, a morning snack and whatever else hit my impulsive button… I usually spent about $5-7.00 – A DAY.

When I had to cut back because of my debt, I started making coffee at home for the ride to work and also bringing a refillable water bottle to work with me. Not only did I save money, in order to pay my debts, but I saved my health and my time. Instead of drinking the equivalent of like 4 cups of coffee at once in the morning, I cut it down to less than two, then gradually to one. Drinking water all day is definitely a heck of a lot healthier than one sugary cola. I changed my morning snack to an orange, banana or apple. I made it to work earlier also, because I never got held up in line at the convenience store anymore.

Even though I’m not in debt anymore, my husband and I still refuse to pay for coffee at a convenience store in the morning. I actually like the way I can make it at home and I can even flavor it for a lot cheaper, so Starbucks… watch out!

I stopped drinking coffee about 4 months ago, though, because I’m pregnant (due in late January!). With my husband only drinking it now, I make him about two cups in the AM.

Getting out of debt and reducing costs, is not really depriving yourself of “things” you like, its’ changing the habits and the ways you do things. To me it actually became a fun adventure to learn new and effective ways to save money and still be happy. The ironic thing was I became happier than I ever was before.