Credit score, Home equity Loan

I am in a similar boat

I am in a similar boat. I too got one of the $200.00 credit cards and pay off the amount ech month. I would love too know ways too improve my credit score too. What I have been doing is reading up on everything on the internet on how to do just that. Yes paying on time, double paying and getting credit reports fixed. I learned they have too take anything over 7 years off.

I learned anytime you write Credit agency, send it certified and get a return receipt, keep it in a book, make copies. It takes 3 or 4 months too get something off. Well for me that is how it worked. Try to settle with all debts/creditors. It is a game of how much they will settle with too.

Good luck too you and just know that one day this will be behind you too!

In reality, it takes time, but every time you make your payments and get the balances down, your rating DOES in fact go up.

By summer of 2012 I had a credit score of 520. I simply looked into a Home Equity Loan and though I decided against it, I found out my FICO score is at 688 this last January!

I didn’t even know it was really changed, as I just kept pounding away at the debts, not thinking of it at all.

But it has seriously improved, and the only way to go is up.

Look at it kind of this way: You don’t need it to be higher, you’re paying off. NOT refinancing and not looking for big ticket things right now. You know the old adage of a “watched pot never boils….” So it is with the score. Pay, pay on time, and pay a little over minimum. You’ll rise again…. Literally.