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Well, I didn’t get the loan from Citifinancial

Well, I didn’t get the loan from Citifinancial that I was trying to go for. Someone told me to check out Prosper.com, has anyone tried it? I really want to get our finances back in order, before it drives me crazy, I’m too young to go insane.

Yes you are way to young to go insane..so stop for a moment and take a deep breath…Now the good thing is you are still young and you are fixing it now…not 15 years from now. I think the no new loan is actually a good thing, because now you have to make some changes in how you spend and save money without a “well I can always get a new loan” attitude….I’ve been there and done that for more years then I care to admit….Read back through the archives here, go to the library and get a Dave Ramsey or some other finacial guru’s book. Then sit down and write it all down, just like the books recommends.

I’ve been in your shoes and been consumed by trying to fix it, it will eat you up. Remember there is no debtors prison, you can’t be arrested, you have unsecred debt, besides the car, and the info/advice you will get here is beyond helpful at times it will be a life line.

I’ve used it. It took a couple of tries to finally get a loan and I’m embarassed to tell you how high the interest is but as with you, I needed it for a stop gap and I will pay it off sooner so I won’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of interest. The higher the credit risk the higher the interest. The cap is based on your state’s law.